Meet your therapists

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Rachael Wetzel LMT, CPMT, CBMT, RMT

My name is Rachael, I am a mother, a wife, and a licensed massage therapist. I was raised in a small town in South West Montana and moved to Cheyenne in 2014. I attended IBMC here in Cheyenne starting September 21, 2015. I graduated in August of 2017 with an Associates Degree in Therapeutic Massage.

I am a Reiki Master and Teacher, with 34 years experience in connecting with people on an energetic level. I have a passion for bringing awareness to sensory disorders in children and adults, and how massage therapy can help. Below I have linked some truly life changing information, look for areas in blue. 

I am also a parent of a child with an Autism diagnosis, and this is the reason I began on this path. Seeing what a difference sensory intervention can make, it brought me to my knees. This is no joke, this is a serious medical intervention that does not include ANY medicinal therapy. That is-no lasting side effects, this is giving your precious child the ability to control their own life. That realization hit me like a ton of bricks. 

As a parent of child with an Autism diagnosis, I know what life can be like. I know those quiet moments of doubts, of frustrations, of not knowing where to turn or what to do. I understand what it's like. It’s important to have a support system in life, and is especially critical to a parent with a non “Atypical” child.

It is my honor to stand beside other parents and share this wonderful gift. From sensory therapy for children to providing a safe and quiet place to just close your eyes, receive a relaxing Swedish massage, or work the tension out of shoulders and neck, I hope to be the safe place where you can simply, Be You.


With gratitude, 

Rachael Wetzel LMT; RMT


It's been nearly 3 years since I began this journey with BeYu llc. I have met so many wonderful people who have opened my eyes to so many different perspectives. In particular, I have met wonderful women who have inspiried me to research further and learn more. Two of these spectacular individuals took me into the world of breast health. 

This was no easy feat and I had to really search for continuing education that covered breast massage. My search took me to Yakima Washington where I met Aubrey Lesicki. I spent two long days learning from one of the top breast health experts in the field. I look forward to furthering my education in womens health and in particular breast health. This was not only motivated by my two clients but also by my very good friend, Dottie Broskey, who lost her life to breast cancer at the begining of the year. (January 2019). 

I thank these women for being in my life and for inspiring me to gain knowledge and education to be abe to help every woman, health issues or not, on her journey into understanding the importance of breast health. I encourage you to check out Aubrey's video tutorial on self-breast massage

With continued gratitude and appreciation,

Rachael Wetzel LMT, CPMT, RMT


Dahn Schuler, LMT, CLT

Hello. My name is Dahn. I am a married mother of two bright daughters and numerous spoiled fur babies. The Air Force moved my family to Cheyenne in 2012, where we remained after my husband's retirement. During that time, I earned my degree in massage therapy through IBMC College and concentrated on medical modalities designed to help members of our community receive healing through touch.

I became a Certified Lymphedema Therapist with training in Complete Decongestion Therapy and Manual Lymph Drainage through Norton School of Lymphatic Therapy in May of 2019. My most recent certifications have been focused on senior care, where I offer gentle treatment to robust, frail, and ill seniors who are among the most deserving, yet least touched age group in our society. This is done through light-touch massage and gentle Comfort Touch for frail seniors, ill patients, and those in need of palliative relaxation. This can be done fully clothed and in any position or setting. Comfort touch is not a cure, but it can help relieve pain and anxiety for those who need it most. It is my passion in life to give comfort to those who have given us so much.