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Women's Health, Maternity, & Postpartum Body Work

Nutritional & Structural Kinesiology


Innovative and Up-To-Date Supplemental Holistic Options for Women.

Specialized, targeted work.

High Risk Prenatal * EMS Therapy * Massage Therapy *   Functional Manual Therapy   *  NeuroKinetic Therapy   *  Muscle Training  *    Pediatric Therapy  *  Sensory Therapy   *  Manual Therapy  *   Chest & Lymphatic  *   Maternity Massage   *  TMJD  *   Gua Sha    *  Cupping Therapy  * Abdominal Massage *  Integrative Pelvic Floor Therapy* 

And....coming soon....Fertility Massage! 


  Welcome to a whole-body approach to massage therapy for chronic pain and postural issues. This is a licensed massage clinic that is unique in the services provided. There is no place like BeYu llc. 

Specializing in scar tissue release from surgeries and radiation treatments; Lymphatic modalities for those with basic lymphatic issues including post cancer treatments. Working with dense and fibrous tissues of the breast to increase lymph flow, decrease pain and sensitivity and improve breast health. 
High risk prenatal from first trimester through 6 months postpartum. 

Helping with pelvic floor dysfunction through the abdomen; adhesions, restrictions, scars, prolapse, bladder spasms, hypertonicity, trauma related injury. Red light therapy options available. Addressing menopausal issues such as thinning tissues and pelvic floor pain. 

Energetic techniques such as craniosacral, somatic, and reiki. 

Please contact me for more information.

Currently, BeYu llc is accepting female and male clients that are searching for the unique services we provide. Those with scar tissue, lymphatic and veinous insufficiencies, pelvic floor dysfunction and issues with chest and abdomen. 


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Empowered Feminine Bodywork

A nurturing, fluid & feminine abdominal & sacral massage, with the emphasis on womb health, menstrual health and fertility. This One Hour and Forty-Five Minute massage covers your body head to toe. Combining the physical with the spiritual, you have never been more fully cared for in any massage before. 


Thank you for choosing BeYu llc! 

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