Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates available. 


What you should know about gift certificates.

Pay attention to the particular promotion you are buying gift certificates for. If you are purchasing a promotional package for a friend, please know that the promotional price will expire one year after the date of purchase. The amount you paid, however, will be valid and redeemable toward regular priced services for an additional four years. After five years of no activity after the date of purchase, your gift certificates will be considered abandoned. Please submit expired certificates, less than 5 years old, for credit toward regular priced services. 

Gift certificates bought at regular price will be subject to standard rates after one year. This means if your friend comes in two years after you gave them the gift certificate they will be responsible to cover any increase in rates after that first year. The amount you pay for the gift certificate will be deducted from regular priced services.

Gift certificates can NOT be redeemed during the months of June, July, or August of 2024. 

If you do not show up for your appointment, your gift certificate will be redeemed for the full amount and will be null and void. 

You can choose to give your recipient a time-limit on their gift certificate. If they do not redeem the certificate for services, you can set a date and if your recipient has NOT used it, you may yourself use it for services for yourself. Please contact Rachael directly to purchase this option. 

Gift certificates that have been donated for free by the business to a charity or fundraiser event will expire fully on the date written on the certificate. Donated gift certificates have no value toward any other service unless otherwise stated. 

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