Prenatal/Pregnancy/Postpartum PELVIS

Dedicated to changing postpartum care for the better and helping mothers to heal fully after birth. 

Are you a postpartum mother that is feeling broken? Are you in constant pain?

Postpartum healing has become one of my most favorite modalities in the last couple of years. Having had my own harrowing experience that nearly cost me my life, I am adamant on making sure another woman does not have to endure what I went through. 

I have spent the last year training in pelvic floor dysfunction and learning ways to correct the pain and discomfort of the postpartum pelvis. As is often the case, many women do not receive any kind of pelvic or abdominal rehab after having a baby. This can lead to years of a pelvis that is left in an open birthing pattern. Often, for decades. That is years of unnecessary pain that women are enduring on a daily basis, when they don't have to be! 

Can YOU benefit from a massage therapy that is specific to the female pelvis? It's time to get back to enjoying your life, your baby, your grandbabies. It's time to simply, Be YOU! 



If I had to choose the best time for a mother to receive a massage, I would say after the birth of the baby. Yes, that's right, after. We are far too dismissive of our mothers. Did you know that The United States has the second highest maternal mortality rate in the world? We come in right after Africa. To me, that is unacceptable. It's my goal to change that, especially for our mothers right here in Cheyenne. 

My name is Rachael, I am a licensed massage therapist here in Cheyenne. I have been very privileged to study maternity and postpartum massage under Leslie Stager, an RN, midwife and massage therapist. She is the GOLD STANDARD in maternity care as far as I am concerned. I am honored to have her as my mentor in all things relating to the female body. 

From positioning to appropriate technique, I am highly trained in high risk prenatal and able to work along with your health care team. It's good to have a person who can follow your pregnancy and watch for those changes, who better than someone who is spending an hour or more per month focused just on you? And this becomes more important after the baby is born, especially if you are high risk. Did you know the greatest danger for a mother with preeclampsia is in the two months after the birth? It is within that time frame it is most important to gently move the fluids out of the extremities and carefully position. It is essential that you are monitoring your blood pressure at home and being monitored weekly by your physician. In a medical system that often leaves new mothers alone for 6 weeks after birth, having an educated massage therapist available to help you through this time is a real asset. I would be happy to be considered for that role during this time in your life.